Friday, 24 March 2017

Week 1

The big questions

  • What is knowledge?
  • Is to google to know?
  • What is the purpose of education?

What is knowledge - these are my reflections alongside what we looked at in class

  • Something that someone has taken on board
  • Knowing which tools to use in order to enhance/develop their learning
  • Which tools are effective
  • Problem solving
  • Higher level thinking rather than just facts etc…
  • Our role is to develop students knowledge through exposing them to tools and experiences and to develop their knowledge

This is our first representation of what knowledge is:

We then looked at research and videos to build on our understanding of what we believe knowledge to be:
Epistemology is...
  • study of knowledge
  • Justify claim, fact, person must also believe it
  • Justify - needs evidence

Elements of Knowledge
  • Epistemology - how we know?
  • Ontology - our view of reality?
  • Axiology - what is valuable?
  • There aspects combine to create knowledge

Purpose of Education (Gert Biesta video)
  • Being at home in the world
  • Weak process - not everything can be controlled
  • Freedom of the child
  • Formation
  • Communication
  • Measurement vs facilitating - faults with both, is there a third way of thinking
  • Fuel the desire for them to want to exist in the adult world

We then changed our representation of what knowledge is slightly to this: (to include the socialization aspect of knowledge)

This is our video

Are you a good follower?
What makes you a good follower? (dance video)

  • Listening
  • Growth mindset
  • Line between completely passive as a follower or improvising as a follower

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