Saturday, 27 May 2017

Week 10

  • Is there a risk? Is it managed? Can everyone do it?
  • Creative, energetic and enterprising
  • For our country
  • Skills - resilency, focus, invest for the long term, find and manage people, sell, learn, self-reflective, self-relience

‘Lion Nathan Young Enterprise Scheme’
  • What knowledge, skills and aptitudes have they developed?
  • Connections, listening to others, purposeful, real world
  • What learning happened

Social Enterprise

Where do you get the ideas from?? Dave McClure came up with the original concept of ‘ Entrepreneurial Improv Theatre.’
Act 1: Start by having people yell out 50 or so random words.
Act 2: Each team given 2 words + ".com"
Act 3: Teams have 10 min to prepare their business plan
Act 4: Each team does a 5 minute pitch on their product
Act 5: Vote on who did the best job

Real world contexts

Citizen Science
- members of the public that volunteer their time, to work and collaborate with professional scientists to collect data and solve problems on real scientific research questions.

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