Monday, 15 May 2017

Week 8

Connected learning

- What’s the experience we want them to have? Are they engaged?
- need to keep it in context and remember the learner
- not just the schools responsibility for learning, can be connected with the world, who really contributes?
- learning everywhere, digital media and everywhere (like they always have)
- bring people together, that want to learn together
- all learn differently
- connectedness

- should always be in progress, never afraid to fail
- Meaningful and relevant
- Take advantage of all the resources available to them

- personal learning network
  • Anna - ptc blog - staff meetings, website email subscriptions around education, facebook nz primary teachers, ministry of education email, blogger, online articles and journals
  • Morgan - facebook nz primary, facebook, vln, gplus, google searching, staff meetings/pd I have been too, emails from subscriptions

Kotter’s 8-step change model (leadership 2)
  • Prepare them for it
  • 1) Create a sense of urgency
  • 2) powerful coalition
  • 3) Vision for change
  • 4) Communicate vision
  • 5) remove obstacles
  • 6) Creating short term wins
  • 7) Don’t let slip
  • 8) Make it stick

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