Monday, 22 May 2017

Week 9

PISA Video
  • Program for international assessment
  • OECD measures if 15 year olds are well prepared to participate in society
  • Test, focused on core subjects, administered every 3 years
  • Skills learned at school how well they can use them in real world situations
  • Shows what is possible, shows similarities and differences between countries
  • Main characteristics of successful systems then analysed

‘Engagement in Australian Schools’

  • Engagement “connection with learning”
  • “They are often more likely to identify uncooperative and low-‐‐level disruptive students as those who are not engaged with learning.33 But this fails to recognise the large group of students who are ‘quietly’ disengaged. “ (p.6)
  • “Some studies have shown that engagement is increased through flexible, individualised teaching in a supportive learning environment. Project-‐‐based learning, for example, allows students to own their own task. Strong student-‐‐teacher relationships create a classroom where students feel safe and engaged. Student monitoring is a key step for teachers to assess whether they are having an impact on students” (p.7)

Were you engaged?
Behavioural, emotional and cognitive engagement

Student Agency
  • How it is used? Is there a link between what teachers think it is and what students think it is?

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