Sunday, 4 June 2017

Week 11

Agile in Education
  • Agile is recognized more generally now as simply a great way of getting things done in rapidly changing and highly unpredictable situations.
  • We are exploring better ways of teaching and learning by responding to our learners needs.
  • Lean production able to reduce waste, upskill workers, improve quality and provide more variety in products - can these be applied to education?
  • Not a simple, easy solution
  • Every step in education should deliver value to the learner
  • Waste - type 1 ‘muda’ - fixed, can’t be removed yet. Type 2 ‘muda’ - can be eliminated immediately - what about in education? What is type 2 that could be removed
  • Flow, right-sizing what is offered to the learner, away from batch blocks of material

School Planning process

Rewriting video text


Kan Ban

In the classroom?
Problem backlog
Problems to be solved next
Problems we are solving
Problems we have solved

Story cards
- short, simple descriptions of something to be achieved

What did you do yesterday?
What are you doing today?
What are the roadblocks?


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