Saturday, 24 June 2017

Week 14

Design thinking
  • David Kelley IDEO - building on each others ideas, diverse group of people building on each others ideas
  • Tim Brown
  • Empathise, observe and feel

Design for a real human
- really thinking about the people you are creating for

Steps in designing
- pdf file for the process


Diffusion of Innovation Theory: The Adoption Curve
  • On of 5 adoption groups depending on how fast they adopt an innovation
  • You need to market to each adopter group differently “using distinct communication channels and messages.”
  • The innovators - first to learn about and adopt the innovation, risk taking, adventurous, like being on the cutting edge, they introduce it the rest as they share their experiences
  • Early adopters - respected as opinion leaders, “their endorsement plays a key role in crossing the chasm” - bridging the gap between the trendsetters and the majority.
  • Early majority - take time to make decisions, observe others experiences, only adopt if it has a real benefit
  • Late majority - more resistant to change, responsive to peer pressure, well tested and widely used before risking trying it.
  • Laggards - highly resistant to change, wait until completely mainstream before adopting it

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