Saturday, 19 August 2017

Week 21

Steps and stages for developing your inquiry project
  • Topic area - Be specific
  • Why it is relevant? How will it support the community?
  • Is it culturally responsive?
  • What communities are you going to engage with? - Communities could include students, other teachers and school staff, and/or whanau. You will need to discuss the nature and scope of this community (i.e. who are the community members) and why you have chosen to engage with them.
  • When are you going to engage with them and why?
  • What data will you collect? Quantitative and qualitative? Beginning, middle and end
  • Get initial feedback on your plan
  • Document the feedback then record how you will respond to it? What changes will you make?
  • How might your findings impact

This was good to get me to start to think about my inquiry plan. As I haven’t finished my literature review yet I am not 100% sure what my focus will be.
This is my literature review question: What innovations can we use to make a student driven curriculum successful for the achievement of all learners in upper primary?
For my inquiry plan I might focus on self-management skills or focus on a particular curriculum area and how student driven curriculum can be utilised more in that area or do student driven learning in all areas but specifically upper primary.

As I continue reading and developing my literature review, look closer at the hunch and scanning part I am sure it will become clearer what my question will be

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