Monday, 4 September 2017

Week 23

Analysing and Interpreting Data

  • Important to have the research question in mind when analysing data

Efron and Ravid (2013) 3 steps for research data analysis
  1. Preparation - transcribe, organise data so it is easy to access
  2. Analysis - it depends on the type of method you use - qualitative or quantitative. For quantitative - if you are going using google forms or survey monkey it summaries it and forms graphs for you. You need to look at the variables they compare too. Document with examples of calculations you can do. For qualitative - coding, which is sorting the information into the categories to allow it to be interpreted easier is the most popular technique. The categories come from the data or the question. They can also be predetermined. I will be collecting both types of data so I will need to use both of these types of analysis
  3. Interpretation of the data - this is a narrative of how the data has answered the questions.

Things to think about for my inquiry plan
- Some resources - types of evidence from TKI, reading and analysing graphs from TKI
- For quantitative I need to explain which calculation I will use to analyse the data, how to use the sample size calculator tool. For a survey I need to compare the quantities before the start of the project too
- For qualitative I need to think about how I will use the coding techniques and what the categories will be

Using data to inform teaching - The digest 2008

  • The importance of data for making improvements at system levels
  • It has become more significant for schools to use data to support learning
  • This is because more information is available, accountability is more important, it is more practical and possible now.
  • There are tools being created to help schools analyse and interpret data easier
  • Data is important to enhance student outcomes, it needs to be helped by school leaders too
  • The challenging part is making the evidence accessible for teachers to help them improve the learning for the children

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